Collection: Ratchet Straps - Heavy Duty 5000kg - Claw Hook Ends

Claw hook straps are designed for securing items during transportation and storage to fixing points on the chassis of the vehicle. Available in a wide range of sizes and weight capacities, our straps with hooks are a must for securing your load. Hook and loop straps much be long enough to reach from each tie down point. If the straps are too short, they will not offer effective fixing, hook and loop straps that are too long much also be fastened to stop excess strap loosening the load. When choosing straps with hooks, it is vital to consider the weight of the load that you are securing down. Our heavy duty hook and loop straps are suitable for up to 5000 kg and come with a powerful ratchet tensioner with double lock handle. To ensure your load is fully secure, we recommend using our hook and loop straps in pairs. All of the ratchet straps available at UK Ratchet Straps are manufactured in the UK and compliant with EN 12195-2: 2001, the European load restraint standard. If needed, our straps with hooks can also be supplied with a Certificate of Conformity after purchase. For more high-quality ratchet straps, take a look at our heavy duty 10,000 kg ratchet straps.