Collection: Internal Cargo Straps for Curtainsiders

Caro straps are used to secure loads on curtain side trailers. As stipulated by VOSA, these type of cargo straps can be used to restrain loads and pallets up to 400kg. Anything over this weight must be secured using ratchet straps with the load strapped to the bed of the trailer.

Our curtain side cargo straps are manufactured in the UK and are fully tested and labelled to ensure compliance with EN12195-2:2001, the European load restraint standard. After purchase, we can provide a full Certificate of Conformity for all of our cargo straps.

Shop below for a wide range of curtain side straps in an array of sizes, if you require any help or you need different length cargo straps, please get in touch with a member of the UK Ratchet Straps Team.