Collection: Mini Ratchet Straps - Light Duty 800kg - 1500kg

Our mini ratchet straps are ideal for light duty applications and come in a two part assembly with an 800 kg (1500 kg) rated break force. All of our small ratchet straps are produced using high-quality blue 25 mm width high tenacity polyester webbing, giving you peace of mind when securing loads. We manufacture all of our mini ratchet straps right here in the UK and they are all fully tested, labelled and compliant with the European local restraint standard, EN 12195-2: 2001. If needed, we can provide a full Certificate of Conformity with all of our mini ratchet straps orders. Please let us know if you require one after purchase. UK Ratchet Straps is a leading supplier of quality load restraint products, along with our small ratchet straps we also offer heavy duty 10,000 kg ratchet straps and ergonomic ratchet straps.