Ratchet Strap Magnetic Application Aid

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Attachment designed to speed up the loading of lorries. The product stops the wire claw hook from dropping off the lorry whilst the driver goes around to the opposite side of the lorry to tension up the straps.

More times than not the wire claw hook drops off, creating extra work for the driver.

The Magnet clips on to the wire claw hook which then attaches to the rave of the vehicle allowing the driver the ratchet up his load without the hook falling off. This saves valuable time for the driver who have to go back around the lorry to reattach the strap. The magnet is strong enough to hold up to 2.6kg of force, enough to hold your strap in place while it is being tensioned.

The magnet slips on to any of our 50mm ratchet straps that have the wire claw hook attachment.

The magnet has been proven to save valuable hours.

Width of webbing: 50mm