Round Sling 3 Tonne - Lengths From 0.5mtr to 5mtr EWL Available

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Our high-quality round sling is crafted from 100% polyester yarn, continuously wound and protected by a seamless, non-loadbearing polyester outer layer. This design ensures durability and reliability for various lifting applications.

Ideal Applications

  • Polished Loads: Safe and efficient for lifting polished items without causing damage.
  • Greasy Loads: Suitable for handling greasy or slippery loads.
  • Cylindrical Loads: Perfect for lifting cylindrical objects, providing a secure and stable lift.

Key Features

  • Colour Coded: All our slings are color-coded to match their Working Load Limit (WLL) for easy identification. This YELLOW sling has a WLL of 3.0 tonne.
  • Safety Factor: Designed with a safety factor of 7:1, ensuring robust and secure lifting operations.
  • Certification: Each sling comes with an individual serial ID number and certification, ensuring traceability and compliance.
  • CE Marked: Our slings are CE marked, guaranteeing adherence to European safety standards.
  • Standards Compliance: Manufactured and labeled in accordance with BS EN 1492-2:2000+A1:2008 standards.

Usage and Safety

  • Working Load Limit (WLL): Ensure you choose the appropriate WLL by considering the lifting method. Refer to the mode factor icons on the sling label or chart to determine the revised WLL for your lifting method.
  • Effective Working Length (EWL): The EWL is measured from bearing point to bearing point and is equal to half the circumference of the sling.
  • Temperature Range: Usable within a wide temperature range of -40°C to +180°C.
  • Wear Sleeves: For prolonged sling life, consider using wear sleeves to protect the sling from abrasion and wear.

Certification and LOLER

All lifting slings are subject to the LOLER Regulations. All our slings are provided with a certificate of conformity. Slings can be put into first use without a thorough examination by a competent person as long as the provided certificate is less than one year old. The critical date of first use should then be recorded and thorough examinations under LOLER should then be carried out every 6-12 months and records kept. More information about slings and LOLER.