Round Steel Shoring Bar (Fits 1300 - 1700mm)

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Product No. NTP-SB1300-1700

Heavy duty round steel spring loaded shoring bar.

Adjustable length 1300mm to 1700mm.

Diameter is 44mm (too wide to take a coat hanger).

End pegs to suit 25mm round hole anchor track.

The bar takes an ultimate load of 460kg equally spread across the bar before bending. PLEASE NOTE: Ultimately the strength relies on the anchor track, installation in the vehicle and construction/rigidity of the vehicle body.

TO ADJUST THE BARS: The bars have a range of holes along the length of the bar. Remove the split pin (as shown in the picture) by lightly tapping with a hammer and screw driver or hole punch. Adjust the bar to the required length and then reinsert the split pin.