Mounty Head Extension

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£20.39 incl VAT
Product No. NTP-0418

The Mounty Head is used in conjunction with the M-POLE to place NTP-PCP50HD edge protectors onto vehicles from the ground without the need to clamber onto vehicles, working platforms or ladders. It therefore removes the risk of falling from heights and reduces the risk of slips or trips. Loading time is also significantly reduced.

The Mounty is compliant with HSE regulations and VOSA enforcement. It also reduces exposure to personal injury as well as product damage. Frequently, insurance premiums are reduced as a bonus.

The Mounty Head has been thoroughly tested and its use of nylon moulding material is well suited to the demands of the transport industry.

With its lightweight design and flexibility it offers safety and use benefits over metal based equivalents. The flexible fingers on the Mounty ensure accurate positioning of edge protectors onto high loads with confidence.