Why Ratchet Straps Should NOT Be CE Marked

Why Ratchet Straps Should NOT Be CE Marked

When browsing through the market for ratchet straps, it's not uncommon for users to come across products bearing a CE mark. However, many might not know the implications and requirements behind this seemingly simple mark. To shed light on this, let's dive deep into why ratchet straps shouldn't be CE marked.

Understanding the CE Mark

Before delving into the specifics, it's essential to understand what the CE marking stands for. CE marking denotes that the product adheres to specific European Union (EU) safety, health, and environmental protection directives. However, the catch is that not every product falls under the umbrella of requiring a CE mark.

The Role of BS EN 12195-2:2001

When discussing ratchet straps, the pivotal standard to mention is BS EN 12195-2:2001, titled "Webbing Lashings". Now, the interesting part? This standard doesn't appear on the list of CPR (Construction Products Regulation) harmonised standards on the European Commission's (EC) website.

Why does this matter? CE marking is directly tied to the mandates issued by the EC for products. If a product does not conform to one of the harmonised standards on the EC's list, it is not obliged to be CE marked. Furthermore, there's no requirement for issuing a Declaration of Performance as mandated by the CPR.

The Offence of Incorrect CE Marking

It is vital to emphasise that marking products with a CE mark when they don't conform to the applicable standards is not only misleading but is an offence. Producers, suppliers, and even retailers need to be acutely aware of this. The presence of the CE mark is not just a symbol; it's a declaration of adherence to specific EU standards. Misusing it can result in significant consequences.

Another point worth noting, especially within the ratchet strap industry, is that the CE mark can often be used to mean "Chinese Export". This confusion can mislead consumers and affect their purchasing decisions.


In summary, when it comes to ratchet straps, the CE mark is neither relevant nor required. Manufacturers and suppliers must remain well-informed about the standards applicable to their products to ensure they aren't unintentionally misleading consumers or, worse, committing an offence.

As consumers or industry professionals, always stay informed, and don't simply rely on markings. Understand the regulations behind products to make safe and knowledgeable decisions.

All our ratchet straps are UK manufactured and tested and conform to the BS EN 12195-2:2001 standard and are labelled accordingly.