VOSA Guide to Load Securing

VOSA Guide to Load Securing

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA - formerly VOSA) have a comprehensive online guide providing vehicle operators with guidance on load securing.

It covers the basics, good practice and guidance on choosing most appropriate securing method.

Key points from the guide are:

  • Make sure the vehicle is fit for purpose
  • Load the vehicle properly
  • Choose the right securing method
  • Use adequate load restraints

Important information for Curtainside Trailers

DVSA stipulate in the guide that for goods or unstacked pallets on curtain side vehicles/trailers that loads under 400kg per item can be secured using the curtain side cargo buckle straps that hang from the roof of the body structure.

Any goods or pallets over 400kg must be restrained with wither ratchet straps securing the load to the bed of the trailer/vehicle or with load-rated nets.

Whatever method you use, it must be able to restrain half the weight of the load to the side and rear, and the full weight forward.

It is important you ensure loads are secured properly to avoid fines, vehicle prohibition and possibly prosecution by the DVSA (formerly VOSA).

You can view the fill guide here, but if in doubt or if you require any advice it is always advisable to contact the DVSA directly here.